Tracey Hughes




I am software/visualization engineer.  As a visualization engineer, my expertise is not only communication of information and knowledge visually, but also includes graphics and user-interface programming. For many years, I have studied and created visualizations from tables, diagrams, to software and epistemic visualization. Epistemic visualization is a type of software visualization but also includes as aspects of information extraction. I primarily perform epistemic visualization on systems developed at Ctest Laboratories and at Advanced Software Construction (ASC).

I am currently involved in several projects including the development of an epistemic visualization system that visualizes the knowledge space of a software agent embedded in a robot, and the user-interface of a log analysis system. One of my most interesting projects is the creation of an information visualization of the taxonomy of the field of Computer Science.  I have written several papers, articles and books with my co-author Cameron Hughes. I am a member of the ACM and IEEE Computer Society, and a member of the Board of Directors for the National Robotics Education Foundation (NREF).

I have collected robots for many years. I have a collection of over 120 programmable and non-programmable robots. Here I am with my most current friend, BACKS 1, a Meccano Robot.